An Open Letter To The-Dream

Ayo Terius,

*Shakes head* This gives me a really BAD feelin’… all day long.

You don’t know who the hell I am, but I know you. You’re the one who’s kinda like T-Pain, who also sucks. You don’t do things as ridiculous as wearin’ a big-ass chain that actually says “Big Ass Chain”, but I have noticed that you’re a fat nigga that wears undersized clothes. You call yourself the “Radio Killa”, and you’ve definitely contributed to killin’ my desire to listen to the radio. I also don’t like the fact that a couple people say I look like you, or that you have a hyphen in your name. But scratch all that- that’s neither here nor there. I would like to talk to youuuuuuuu… about this new shit you put out to the world earlier today.

NOW… I didn’t say nothin’ when Wyclef n’nem fukked up “We Are The World” earlier this year (at least it was for a good cause). I didn’t even complain about Usher and Polow Da Don usin’ one of Stevie Wonder‘s greatest songs ever to sing some shit about lookin’ for chicks to pull off threesomes. I was thisclose, but said nothin’ about Jermaine Dupri remaking Quincy’s “Secret Garden” and throwin’ a got-damn So So Def Bass All-Stars beat on it. I don’t wanna be like our parents used to be, mad as hell every time the hits of our generation jacked some shit they grew up on. But the buck gotta stop somewhere.

As much as I dislike your own songs, I didn’t think it could get much worse, but it has. I don’t know whether to blame you or the people that cleared this to happen… but you just went and remade Aaliyah‘s “One In A Million”. And in case no one around you has said so (and why would they), it sucks. SUCKS.

I was actually lookin’ forward to the day new artists remade classic ’90s hits. But now, if this is a sign of what’s to come? Not so much. One day, it’s just you with this piece of shit. Next, it’ll be Omarion doin’ “Let’s Chill”, or Lloyd puttin’ his lil’ ladylike voice all over “Forever My Lady”. I mean, if someone can redo a classic and make it good, that’d be great. But you know this shit right here is wrong, Dream… or The, or however you prefer to be addressed.

Ah well, damn it to hell- you’re The-Dream and I’m just a lowly blogger whose opinion should mean nothin’ to you. It ain’t like I was gonna buy your album before, and then this changed my mind or somethin’. Besides, even Aaliyah herself stepped on Marvin Gaye‘s shit before, and that was bad too. I suppose that in your own determined way, you wanted to “pay homage” to a song of the past that you love. But then again, so do people who sing at karaoke bars, and you don’t see them puttin’ it out. ‘Sall I’m sayin’.

Peace be unto you, The-Dream. Since the young folk don’t seem to mind your overly repetitious songwriting, you’ve got a bright future ahead of you. But homie… don’t do no shit like this again.


Aaliyah “One In A Million” (1996)

The-Dream “One In A Million” (2010)

26 Responses to An Open Letter To The-Dream

  1. Kofi Jamal Simmons says:

    I don’t know this cat, or most new cats in general (being that I’m old), but after reading this, he needs an ass whuppin’. Hell, anything that remotely gives the idea of having Omnicon (or whatever that Transformer sounding mofo) doing “Let’s Chill…” Just not even cool. “Radio Killa?” Ice Cube said “turn off the radio” and I haven’t turned it on since.

    • Danj! says:

      LMAO @ “Omnicon”

      Yeah man, he’s nuts for this… I mean, if it was ANY good, I wouldn’t have as big a beef with it, but it sounds like shit.


  2. N.ka says:

    I can’t wait until Pretty Ricky remakes Jodeci’s “The Show, The After Party, The Hotel.”

    But on topic, I only listened to about 8 seconds of this remake–and that includes the time I took to skip to the middle and end of the song.

    • Danj! says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… yeah, I forgot about them. They re-did “Knockin’ Da Boots” already. Not that H-Town is some kinda all-time untouchable group, but again, the remake was bad. Bad.


  3. Mark Dub says:

    Yeah…this year has been one of some utter fuckery when it comes to remakes. These muhfuggas are feeling themselves a BIT TOO MUCH! How dare Ursher desecrate a Stevie song…ANY Stevie song, w/his lil suspect vocals. And I see that I’m not alone in thinking the….ahem…Dream is a funny looking, hamburgler looking muhfugga.

    • Danj! says:

      I’m sayin’, right… if dudes wanna re-do some shit, could they at least be sure to make it count?

      I guess this is what the older folk felt like when we were fukkin’ up their James Brown records or somethin’.

      That Usher thing is shameful tho’. He probably could do a decent cover of an old joint, but this nigga used “Living For The City” for some shit about a “Lil’ Freak”. I’m surprised Stevie cleared that.


  4. MsYoung81 says:

    I dont want to hear it. Im not even gonna listen to it. I love Aaliyah!! Will forever and always be a die hard stan for her, so with the respect that I have for her, Im not even gonna entertain the thought of listening to it. And you just taught me something today. I didnt know that was a Stevie sample. Yeah. Not to interested in listening to that song either.

    • Danj! says:

      Haaaa, I feel you on that.

      Even take Aaliyah for example- she redid an Isleys joint with “At Your Best…”- it was great. She redid Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up”- that was wack. I’m just callin’ a spade a spade with this Dream thing. I’m not sayin’ nobody can touch her shit ever, but it sucks. If they’re just gonna do shitty versions of the old joints, then why not just leave ’em alone?


      • MsYoung81 says:

        I feel what you say becuz that Marvin Gaye joint she did was super wack. But you know damn well that every producer has the Kanye syndrome. Where they think everything they do is just the fucking shit. So as long as ppl are willing to walk around and think that they never fucked up, we are gonna continue to have this problem. And I still havent listened to. LOL

  5. Vincent says:

    And he’s the main reason why my wife hates the music on the radio today. He’s just another clown.

    • Danj! says:

      Yeah man… I dunno, bruh. I just don’t know. I’m hopin’ that this doesn’t inspire the next generation of R&B artists that are growin’ up right now. I’m worried, lol.


  6. jayehunnie says:

    *clicked the Dream’s link*


    *reaching for the phone to dial 911*

    A crime has been committed!!!

  7. bitchdoctrine says:

    i really want this guy to disappear. first lying about FBI goons on twitter, now this!?

    not that aaliyah’s music is untouchable, but if you are gonna remake a song, do it better or leave it alone!

    remember ginuwine’s remake of “when doves cry?” even prince had to tell him off! lol

    • Danj! says:

      Wow… that Ginuwine shit was shameful. I don’t even remember how it goes, I just remember hearin’ it and thinkin’ “this nigga’s jokin’, right?”


  8. Joey 9 says:

    I thought he was suspect when I heard him moaning like a queer-mo on Falsetto……lmao, cuz it wasnt really no chick singing it,… was you boy! lol

    • Danj! says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… that one was awful. I remember some girl tryna tell me that shit was hot. I wasn’t rockin’ w/ that for nothinnnnnn’. He all on it pantin’ and moanin’ and whatnot- IIILLLLLLLL, son.


      • sickwitit says:

        i have to say that song was hot danj, matter fact the whole first album, who cares about talent?lol

  9. Joey 9 says:

    And Ginuwines “when doves cry” was the shit compared to this….lmao! At least he stole an equally feminine mans song instead of jumping completely over the fence as this guy did………

    That was more disrespectful than when the Lox dissed her after she died!

  10. […] An open letter to The Dream……Danj Loves the 90s […]

  11. Haaa, I see he really struck a nerve with this one. I was so mad I blogged about it too lol. I think it’s safe to say that The Dream put the nail in the coffin of his career after this buffoonery (and I use the term “career” loosely).

    • Danj! says:

      The sad part is that I don’t think he did. That dude’s been repeatedly mediocre, and this is getting him the biggest backlash he’s ever caught, but I get the feeling he’ll still be around to bombard the people with his weak shit even after this. Sucks, but what can ya do… LOL


  12. Joey 9 says:

    You know how when somebody famous effs up and they mess with a famous chick its always her fault……I blame Christina Milian for not telling him that $hit was a bad move…..she probably told him to do it! lol.

    • Danj! says:

      Yoooo, true- hahahaha… I’m positive he had nobody around to tell him how wack that shit was. She was prob’ly ridin’ around with him bumpin’ that shit for all her friends and tellin’ him how hot it was. SOMEBODY besides just him gotta take the blame for lettin’ this happen!


  13. dinastyinc says:

    LMAO Nothing about this letter surprised me until I got to the Aaliyah remake of Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up” ……………………………Really?
    It’s so horrible, that at 1:17 I could no longer force myself to sit through it.

    I’ve already bitched enough about Wyclef’s jungle calls of the wild, and JD’s Puff Daddy blunder of recycling beats like nobody would freakin notice. (I had no idea Usher sampled “Living for the City” for “Little Freak”….shame on him! Although I quite like that one lol) But that is why I didn’t even bother listening to The Dream’s version of “One in a Million”. In fact, I was just hoping it was an extra late April Fools’ Joke.

    But it’s for real, huh? And now he’s pissy because people don’t like it? Do I really wanna give his song a listen?

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