Wack-Ass Wednesday: Bustin’ Out!

With the new year, also comes new features on DLT90s… thus spawns today’s entry. As much as I love the ’90s, hence the name of this site, there is one thing I do not like: those who act like eyyyyyy’thing from back in the day was classic. For example, you can go to just about any old video- and I mean ANY old video- on YouTube, and there’ll be at least 5 comments about how wack today’s music is and how the video in question is so incredible in comparison. Comments like that make sense when it’s in reference to, say, “Time 4 Sum Aksion” or somethin’… not so much when in reference to something like the video I present to you on this afternoon.

First, a lil’ backstory: in the early ’90s, hip-hop was shutting out most of the old guard. Artists who may have been hot in ’86 or so were frozen solid enough for Nancy Kerrigan to skate on ’em by ’92. This included Doug E. Fresh, despite being known and respected as a legend and all-time great live performer. Sure, “The Show” was immortal in ’85. Sure, “Rising To The Top” was one of the coolest shits ever in ’88. But in ’92, he was quite out of the loop, magnified even more by Doug’s signing with MC Hammer‘s Bust It Records and dropping one of the wackest comeback attempts ever.

Remember the “2 Legit 2 Quit” video, where Hammer and his 346 dancers went all HAM on ’em? Sure the song sucked, but the vid had all kinds of special effects, guest appearances by James Brown and various athletes, and an overall big budget feel. Well, Doug E’s “Bustin’ Out” video was the exact opposite of that. It was like Hammer took all the remaining money from the “2 Legit” budget and put it into this one. With that, he got a big moving truck with a giant Soul Train Scramble Board that said “Doug E Fresh & The New Get Fresh Crew” on the side of it, and a fake wall for Doug to break through on some “Hey, Kool-Aid!” shit. He also got Kurtis Blow, inexplicably still rockin’ a jheri curl in ’92, to make an appearance. Then, about 20 of the “2 Legit” dancers showed up in bright orange to back up Doug and his rhinestoned purple patent leather suit. Even Douglas knows it’s bad, as can be seen towards the end when he kneels down and starts banging the floor with one hand, as if to say “please buy this new album in spite of this weak shit!”

And so with no further ado, I give you, from 1992, “Bustin’ Out” by Doug E. Fresh… a bad, bad decision. Not as bad as his decision to practice Scientology some years later, but it’s damn close. Roll ’em!

It’s all good tho’… Doug remained and still remains a legend, regardless of this momentary gaffe. Everyone makes a bad move sometimes, and even he went on to disown this video one year later in a much-better vid for a much-better song. All is still right with the world, and D.E.F. is still the world’s greatest entertainer. Mostly because he doesn’t perform “Bustin’ Out”.


7 Responses to Wack-Ass Wednesday: Bustin’ Out!

  1. Mark Dub says:

    L.M.A.O. That isht was drippin in Wack-sauce! Doug is a legend, but yeah…even legends can fall a bit short of the mark. Ooh…you’ve made this training class a lil easier to sit through w/this one, D!

  2. dinastyinc says:

    I can’t even bring myself to watch it. Just by the description, I know it’s gonna be BAD.

    And seeing as how he is a cat-daddy in my head, I can’t bare to see him in a bad light. lol It would ruin the fantasy.

    But I will say this, you DID just put on to something else “new” (as you always do, you sly devil). Redman…? YES!!! Downloading now.

  3. Kofi Simmons says:

    Sweet Jews for Jesus….

    I so forgot about this, I can’t front, I can’t even get past the first 30 seconds of this. Lord have mercy….

    Yo broke out like the Kool-Aid Man for real. Oh Noooooooo….

  4. shone jones says:

    I remembered seeing this video on Rap City.

    It was Grade-A USDA certified crap back then. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seemed to me that Hammer was trying to destroy Doug’s legacy with that video.

  5. bitchdoctrine says:

    the best part of this post was your commentary. LMAO. I didnt even need to see the video. I did, and you were spot on. This was horrible! What in the hell?!

    what’s with the local high school spirit squad? sadness.

    just… sadness.

    you’re right about the youtube comment. people are in denial, and most of them weren’t even conceived yet, so….

  6. upgrayedd says:

    dougie being dougie doing dougie. as all ways entertaining.

  7. MsYoung81 says:


    That was hard to watch, but the shit had Hammer writing all over it. You sure this was 92?? It look like it was stuck in 85. My goodness. smh

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