AllTime8: G.T.D.

Yeah, you know it… today’s entry is all about those songs that used to come on the radio, and you might get smacked in the mouth for singin’. Either that, or you’d get asked about a certain part in the song and what you know about it, and you’d have to act like you didn’t know shit. Or maybe that was just me.

Today’s AllTime8 is all about eight great “GTD” anthems from the ’90s. Music to hump by, if you will. It’s kinda funny to see people from my generation comment on new music and say “it’s all about sex now, back then they sang about love”… I don’t know what ’90s them niggas grew up in, but the one I grew up in was where they started getting a whole lot more blatant wit’ it. But hey, that’s neither here nor there- here are my eight personal favorite ’90s joints dedicated to Gettin’ The Draws:

8- Keith Sweat feat. Kut Klose “Get Up On It” (1994): Around ’93-’94 or so, I was at my most hormonal (don’t believe me? keep reading). I was tryin’ to be too hardcore for them sweet love songs, but songs about sex were alright by me. On that rare occasion I checked out the slow jams, this one was always a winner. Here, the homie K. Sweat introduces his new girl group Kut Klose, who drive home the point that the ladies like GTDin’ too.

7- DJ Rogers “Doggie Style” (1994): Leave it to Death Row to bring this one out. Subtlety didn’t mean shit to any of the rappers on the label, so why should it have meant anything to the singers. DJ Rogers (son of ’70s soul singer… uh, DJ Rogers) comes through for the magnanimous Above the Rim soundtrack singin’ all about the woof-woof. To my knowledge, he never dropped anything else, but this was always a track I effed with. Not literally.

6- Ginuwine “Tell Me Do U Wanna” (1997): Even with Timbaland on the beats, I was never a huge enthusiast of Ginuwine’s music, but he did have a choice few that I really dealt with. His first single “Pony” was cool, but the kicker for me was the second one, “Tell Me Do U Wanna”. Not sure what made it a fave, but it’s always stood out to me as one of his better tracks. Maybe it’s the lil’ “ayyy, ayyy” sound. 

5- R. Kelly “Seems Like You’re Ready” (1993): “Temperature’s risiiiiinnnnnnnng…” ‘Round the time of 12 Play (again, ’93-’94), I couldn’t front on the boy R. Kels. In his early years, he was makin’ some instant classics, this being one of ’em. Of course, this song now comes off a lil’ weird if you think too hard about the lyrics and who’s singin’ em (much like how Aaron Hall‘s “Don’t Be Afraid” could double as an anthem for unsolicited cherry-busting), but the R. did his thing with “Seems Like You’re Ready”. Who cares if he was prob’ly singin’ to one of my classmates?

4- Jodeci “Freek’n You” (1995): So… by the hot summer of ’95, I was actually GTDing, and I was definitely wakin’ up feelin’ horny. In the midst of that, Jodeci was all over the radio every freek’n night and every freek’n day with the lead single from The Show, The After Party, The Hotel. The tryin’ to be hardcore side of me was more partial to the Raekwon & Ghostface-featured remix, but when I got into coolout mode and put the waterguns away, the original version of “Freek’n You” was that deal.

3- Al B. Sure! “Right Now” (1992): For what ended up being his last hit single, Al B. went in with “Right Now” in late ’92. I’d actually forgotten how much I liked this until about three years ago, when I happened to catch it on the radio. Since rediscovering it, it’s become one of those songs I like even more now than I did when it was out, as I probably listen to it at least once every couple weeks. IMO, one of the more forgotten and underrated slow jams of its era.

2-H-Town “Knockin’ Da Boots” (1993): Leave it to Luke Records to bring this one out. From the man that brought us “Me So Horny” and “Pop That Pussy” among others, future Miami-Dade County mayor Luther Campbell had more up his sleeve. Namely, it was an R&B trio from Houston with a song about boot knockin’. Also worth noting that this was ALSO from ’93- so ladies, go get your towels, know what I’m sayin’…

1- Silk “Freak Me” (1993): Well, wouldja look at the year? Keith Sweat’s boys Silk blew up crazily with “Freak Me”, and it was a hard song to get away from for most of that year. At age 13, I knew nothin’ about lickin’ a chick up and down, let alone until she said “stop”. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard “stop”. I guess I would if I was lickin’ her for like an hour and a half or somethin’, but that’s not important. What is important, is that it is the #1 GTD track on this AllTime8. Shoutout to all the freaky people.     


6 Responses to AllTime8: G.T.D.

  1. Mark Dub says:

    D! When I tell you that I had 6 of these 8 songs on a mixtape (a REAL cassette tape) that I called “Panty Droppin Music”! The funny part is that I’m sure that I prah’li have those same songs on a mix disc somewhere now labeled the same thing! LOL! Man…good memories.

  2. Professor Mike Jordan says:

    I would trade Al B’s for Oooh this love is so by Al B. But other than that this list is flawless. I have used all of these songs for their intended purpose at one time or another and anticipate using some of them tonight. THIS is the blueprint!

    • neka says:

      Looking at the dates, I was way too young to be listening to this. I remember that Al B. Sure Video. Sparked thought a young girl didn’t know what to do with.

  3. bitchdoctrine says:

    rapist kelly had hits forreal. silk “freak me” is a classic. i remember i saw them on the monique show, but they were doing the most. crotch thrusting and singing off-key as hell. LOL

    i need some tevin campbell up there….

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  5. MsYoung81 says:

    Everything was going great in this post………until I got to that last paragraph. O_o Alrighty then….

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