An Open Letter To Omarion

Ayo O,

Really bruh? Really?

I guess this is is how the older heads felt when the singers from my day were snatching up their generation’s classics. There’s been a number of occasions over the last year in which some of you new niggas have revisited R&B songs of the ’90s and did lame-ass jobs of covering them. Only in extreme cases have I felt compelled to compose an open letter… and this, Mr. Grandberry, is one of those cases.

Courtesy of you, Jodeci’s “Come & Talk To Me” has become the latest ’90s track to be reupholstered… your version being “Come & Fuck With Me”. Maybe I shouldn’t be too surprised, since Jodeci themselves played a part in this “R&B niggas tryna be tough guys” shit that goes on, but you definitely gonna need more people.

And it’s not because you’re a post-’90s artist, O. It’s not even because you come out of the same group that gave us the great Raz-B. It’s only because it sucks. Sucks. Granted, it’s not the worst remake ever, but is that any kinda realistic justification? I know I’m not a part of your core audience. I know this. But I’m not even sure that you have one at this point, and if you do, there’s no way they even know who Jodeci is. No need to mislead them with this mambajahambo.

I suppose I should be glad you cut it off halfway thru verse one (punctuated by lettin’ us listeners know, “that’s all you muhfuckas get”), but then it says “To Be Continued” at the end. In the interest of common sense, don’t continue this. Allow it to join the club of videos that were never continued, like the Lost Boyz’ “Renee” and Jay-Z‘s “Roc Boys”. I don’t think anyone but you and Chris Stokes really wants to see the next three minutes of this. Thanks in advance, sir.


12 Responses to An Open Letter To Omarion

  1. downgrayedd says:

    im glad he specified only for the ladies.

  2. J.E. says:

    I know this little mutha fucka did not go and remake one of my favorite songs ever in life!!! I need this little niglet to have multiple seats and leave grown folks things alone. He can’t even come close to matching the raspy soul in K-Ci’s voice. Lets not even talk about the fact that he has “the ghey” and I’m pretty sure he is singing it to Ricky Romance or Sexy Spec or Justin Beiber or whoever. This shit just ruined my whole day. Got me acting out of my character. SMH. If Rhianna remakes anything from Mary J’s “My Life” there will be hell to pay.

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  4. Mark Dub says:

    These new muhfuggaz really tryna tear apart anything I held sacred in my childhood, ain’t they? Sheesh. Next thing you know, some silly muhfugga will br tryna remake PYT or something. Wait…What? T-Pain already did? GTFOH! Okay…you new muhfuggaz is really phuggin up. I quit.

  5. dinastyinc says:

    “It’s not even because you come out of the same group that gave us the great Raz-B.”

    Life = slain.

    I swear the lyric change just totally ruined the song for me. If this lil shawt mufucka would just sing the song like it’s supposed to be sung, it might be profitable for a comeback for him. I’m not in his fan base either, but I could see them going for this watered down version.

    But if he insists on “Come and fuck with me”, I’m gonna have to insist he hang up his career and go work at Foot Locker.

  6. bitchdoctrine says:

    shame on a niggah for creating this travesty. when you do a remake, you are supposed to bring something to the table. give me a reason why i should listen to this bullshit over the original? there isnt any… omarion needs to sit all the way down.

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  8. soulvirgo says:

    This like Columbine,It should have never happened.It’s the biggest upset in R&B history since Luther died.Now that K-Ci and JoJo are better,they ought to jump his little pudgy ass…Please leave the remakes,tributes (and the singing) to the professionals.

  9. MsYoung81 says:

    I said it before and Im gonna say it again, Im NOT clicking that link to listen to that garbage. It aint no way. Omarion doesnt even have a fan base. They all have grown up and moved on to Trey Songz. My his career rest in peace.

  10. Taneka says:


  11. I loved the remake u did a good job fuck them haters they just mad because they are not sipping What your sipping and doing the shit your doing if u ask me I will tell u to tell all
    Them haters mutha had them mutha loved them mutha fuck them loveyou
    Maybach o lukeskye walker

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