DANJ! Presents: 25 For Love, Pt. 2 (#15-6)

“I just zoned on how ill it is to really fall in love… Pimpin’ is whatev … Love is that shit!”Kanye West via Twitter

If I can be allowed to get on some butter-soft shit before I go into these here luh songs… I think at times that I’ve been more in love with love than anyone in particular. I like songs about it, movies about it, I even like happy couples when I see ’em at Wal-Mart n’shit. Even in having enough justification to hate the hell outta love, I still believe (shoutout to Brenda K. Starr). I wouldn’t say I’m a sucker for love, like them niggas who probably spent most of Monday posting bitter status updates on FaceBook. Still, a good song at the right time of year has been known to have me on Stupid Cupid mode. Case in point: the 10 I put up the other day, and now, these 10…

15- Surface “Closer Than Friends” (1989): Platonic friendship is a good thing… as long as one friend doesn’t feel a way about the other. It either leads to a greater relationship, or the one with the feelings ends up stuck in the friend zone forever, or the whole shit falls apart. Whichever way it goes down, it’s ultimately worth the risk to let the feelings be known rather than say nothing. Can’t say it’s ever worked for me personally, but Surface made a great song about it in ’89.

14- BlackStreet “Don’t Leave” (1996): Sampling DeBarge‘s “A Dream” (or ‘Pac‘s “I Ain’t Mad At Cha” for the know-nots), TR pops up again with his other group, BlackStreet. “Don’t Leave” is one of those songs I felt back then, and still can’t help but hit all the wrong notes to when I listen to it today.

13- The Deele “Two Occasions” (1987): Oh yeah, I’ve been in this state of mind before. Matter fact, who am I kiddin’- I’ve been there this month. For that person you think of when you wake up and before you go to sleep, Babyface & co. dropped this classic in ’87, right before splitting up and ‘Face kicking off his solo career.

12- Jodeci “Love U 4 Life” (1995): While Jodeci was about thisclose to calling it a wrap, all seemed good on the surface with “Love U 4 Life”. Can’t speak for anybody else, but between late-’95 and early-’96, this song got heavy rotation from me during some ol’ heartbroken-ass months. I’m almost positive I called 92Q and dedicated it before… SMH.

11- Miki Howard “Come Share My Love” (1986): Although I didn’t even know who sang this until long after it came out, I’ve been zonin’ to “Come Share My Love” since 2nd grade. Miki Howard, one of the many vocally-skilled-but-mainstream-ignored female R&B singers of the ’80s, made it count with this midtempo ballad that seemed to come on the slow jam show every other night for years.

10- Sinead O’Connor “Nothing Compares 2 U” (1990): This is the first of three cover songs in this list, as it was first performed by Prince proteges The Family in 1985. It sucks to be so dependent on one person in order to be happy, but sometimes they’re just that incomparable- a truth that apparently resonated enough for a semi-obscure album cut to be redone and become #1 on the Billboard chart… not to mention, #10 on this entry.

9- Aaron Hall “I Miss You” (1994): Just like Steve Harvey said about Lenny Williams on “Cause I Love You”… you can’t tell me this muhfukka wasn’t feelin’ the pain. I don’t remember another track from Aaron Hall’s first solo album, but he brought the drama with “I Miss You”. And just in case the song didn’t get you, the video was pretty damn tragic too.

8- TROOP “All I Do Is Think Of You” (1990): This the second cover on the list, which almost didn’t make it in favor of the original Jackson 5 version. I was kinda tossed up on which one to put in here, and then I remembered the 6th grade dances. For that, TROOP gets the win for doing what a remake is supposed to do. Had they gone by today’s standards, they woulda done a new one called “All I Do Is Fuck Wit’ You”, but that’s life.

7- Teena Marie “Ooo La La La” (1988): What can I say to do it justice… “Ooo La La La”‘s so powerful, she lip-synced it on Soul Train and had the crowd reacting like she was really singing it. The late Lady T made an instant classic about the high of being in love, which I suppose is the reason so many people chase it in the first place. Helluva drug. 

6- Force MDs “Tender Love” (1985): Staten Island‘s own Force MDs, mostly known by that point for upbeat half-rapped/half-sung tracks, went full-on R&B with the production of the great Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. The result was “Tender Love”, one of the most timeless slow jams of the ’80s. I’ve been on this song ever since Russell smashed Sheila E. in Krush Groove.

And so, with five more to go… we shall re-commence the commencement on Friday. In the meantime, go ‘head and feel the love.


11 Responses to DANJ! Presents: 25 For Love, Pt. 2 (#15-6)

  1. dinastyinc says:

    “All I Do Is Fuck Wit’ You” ?? Bye, D! lol I guess you’re still pissed about that shit, huh?

    I about did a backflip at the Brenda K Starr reference! (Although I do prefer Mariah’s cover of the song.) She was Mariah before Mariah was Mariah. If that makes sense.

    Miss Lady T!

  2. I am loving this list, although that is not my Miki Howard favorite, I still gets down with that song!

    And yes that Surface song is one of my faves as well!

    That Troop takes me back to my first young love… I actually still own that Troop cassette that was given to me by that first love 🙂

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  4. bitchdoctrine says:

    ah man. chuuuunes for days. that blackstreet album was on lock during middle school. we played the hell outta it after school and the school dances. i even learned how to play “don’t leave” on my alto sax for the school assemblies. LOL

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  6. MsYoung81 says:

    Good work grasshopper. You have made me proud. LOL

    I do perfer the Troop version over the Mike version and that is very rare. Good choice.

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  8. music and love is the most amazing thing!!!!!!!!!!!

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