Wack-Ass Wednesday: Whatzupwitu?

Ah, yes… in continuing to prove that not everything from the ’90s is deserving of my love, I bring you another installment of Wack-Ass Wednesday. And boy oh boy, do I have a classic for you all today.

Fame can convince anyone that they’re 10 times the talent that they actually are. There was a time in the ’80s where Eddie Murphy was one of the biggest stars around. From his Delirious and Raw standups, to his skits on Saturday Night Live, to his movies like Beverly Hills Cop and Coming To America, Eddie was the shit. Rightfully so, he was arguably the most popular comedian of the decade. But you see, herein begins the problem… during that time period, someone convinced him that he could not only do standups, skits, and movies… but that he could also sing.

Proving that his comedy even extended to music, he made a couple of albums, with his most popular single being “Party All The Time” in ’85. Unlike his film career, Eddie Murphy the singer fell off almost instantly, but of course that didn’t stop him from puttin’ out his terrible records. The worst of it didn’t come until 1993, when Eddie enlisted the assistance of none other than Michael Jackson for the lead single from his third album, Love’s Alright. The name of the song was “Whatzupwitu”, and due to the high-profile MJ feature, its video was even world-premiered on FOX.

And what an event it was. Possibly inspired by an equally gay Al Jarreau video from the ’80s, a wifebeater-clad Eddie danced and sang on clouds as music notes, peace signs, and flying hearts circled around him. Through the course of the song, Michael pops up out of nowhere and starts makin’ hardcore faces to sing what might be thee worst chorus ever. Speaking of choruses, somewhere around the 2-minute mark, some kids who I assume are The Boys Choir of Harlem pop up and start skipping around. Good thing this didn’t come out in the later part of ’93, if you know what I’m sayin’. (Too soon?)

But ay… it’s one thing for me to tell you how bad this shit sucked. It’s another thing for you to see for yourself. Presto!

I think it’s supposed to have some kind of positive message about the environment or some shit, but I was too busy laughin’ my ass off to notice. I don’t care how good Eddie’s intentions were to represent for Earth Day or whatever the fukk, this thing here was the definition of pollution. Even Michael, who at that time could do no wrong, had to take lumps for gettin’ involved in this. As fame makes people do crazy things, “Whatzupwitu” has a special place in history, as it remains the funniest thing that Eddie Murphy ever did without actually meaning to be funny.


13 Responses to Wack-Ass Wednesday: Whatzupwitu?

  1. downgrayedd says:

    Nothing about this makes sense. What did Eddie use as currency to pay Micheal to be in the awe full song. To actually document it with a video is unreal. As weird as Prince is at least he never embarrassed himself.

  2. Mark Dub says:

    The visuals from this video alone are funny enough. You can mute the horrible vocals, and still crack up. I could just see someone congradulating Eddie on how funny that video was, only for him to look at you with an angry look and say, in the effing Donkey voice, “That video wasn’t supposed to be funny; that video was supposed to save the environment.” LOL

  3. Kofi Jamal says:

    Thanks a lot!!! I just busted out laughing around my co-workers and they are looking at me like I’ve lost my head! This right here, this right here made my week! Now I gotta watch the video when I get home, even back then I was like, “This shit is fucking wack.” lol BIG UPS on this one!!!

  4. Moe says:

    This was a damn mess! I remember when the played it on BET! LOL I also remember Eddie had the horrible “i was a king” song feat. Shabba Ranks. SMH. i was embarrased for them both cuz they were/are 2 talented dudes!

  5. MsYoung81 says:

    Yes, I agree that the Eddie Murphy joint is one of the worst joints ever created, but can we please talk about how I just become a diabetic lesbian from looking at this super sweet gay ass Al Jarreau video. OMG!!!

    • dinastyinc says:

      Stop iiiiiiit!!!!! I’m 30 seconds into that video and I’m like really Al? Really? If this ain’t some gay shit……


      • MsYoung81 says:

        Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!! I still got some suga left in my tank from watching that video yesterday. OMG!!! A fucking mess.

  6. dinastyinc says:

    Stop it. Right now. What’s with all the birds and flowers and rainbows and hearts nshit? What in gay hell was that?

    Listen, if Eddie ain’t singing Party All the Time, he need not be singing at all. (Although he did “okay” in Dreamgirls, for what it was.) Embarrassment. He and Mike both take an L for this one.

    And the Harlem Boys Choir…….. *sniggles*

  7. bitchdoctrine says:

    now if this son dont humble a muthafucka, then i dont know what else will… maybe norbit, but that’s it.

    eddie was straining to sing, and when michael popped up, i was through. then when the children start skipping into the scene, i had to press the red x in the top right hand corner. too much.

    absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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  9. **** says:

    Danj, you aint shit for this but this was whack. MJ clearly wasn’t himself to engage in this mess and Eddie could never sing so eh…what more can yall expect?

  10. lexie says:

    hey danj, long time…

    Auto tune?

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