She Ain’t SWV


Yup… SWV‘s on the comeback trail. While the jury’s still out on how things will turn out, they’re officially steppin’ out there on this new remix of Chris Brown‘s “She Ain’t You”.  On some real shit, “She Ain’t You” has been one of my faves of this year so far, probably a no-brainer since it’s essentially a combo of MJ‘s “Human Nature” and SWV’s “Right Here” remix. Here, the Sisters With Voices come through with their side of the story, sounding like they haven’t lost a step since their early-mid ’90s heyday. Ain’t mad at it!

Chris Brown feat. SWV “She Ain’t You” (Remix) 



An Open Letter To The-Dream


Ayo Terius,

*Shakes head* This gives me a really BAD feelin’… all day long.

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Mixtape Monday!


You can prob’ly gather from this entry, this entry, and this entry too that I was a big mixtape freak during the ’90s, and all the way up to a few years ago. Even now, there’s a few that I have in MP3 format and listen to every now and then on my obscenely incredible iPod.

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