DanjLovesThe80sToo: Playing With Power


Ayyy y’all… didja miss me?! Welcome to December on DanjLovesThe90s, where I’ll be droppin’ it on a woman you mighta heard of named Lauryn Hill, the production skills of DJ Premier, and my favorite Christmas movie of all-time.

Speaking of Christmas, most of my favorite and particularly memorable Christmases were during the ’80s when I was a youngin. I changed interests every year it seemed, but one that I kept for quite a while was in video games. I was a lil’ late for the Atari craze of the early-’80s, but by the later half of the decade, I was right on time for a new system that had all the kids goin’ nutso- the Nintendo Entertainment System.

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Da Dirty 30: DanjLovesThe80sToo


Welcome to September on DanjLovesThe90s, where I’ll be coverin’ the likes of Busta Rhymes, BlackStreet, and Fresh Prince of Bel Air, among other shit. As the fall commences, I also plan to introduce yet another new column named DanjLovesThe80sToo… which leads us to today’s entry.

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It’s The Hard Knock Life.


Any of y’all ever seen Backstage? That documentary on the goings-on behind the scenes of the Hard Knock Life Tour? It wasn’t quite a must-have, but if you’ve ever wanted to see Dame Dash shit on DJ Clue‘s multi-directional haircut game, that’s the DVD for you. I was watchin’ it a couple nights ago, and it reminded me of how hyped I was to see that concert when it came here on Friday, March 26, 1999. My brother went and got both of our tickets a couple weeks prior, I had my new Phat Farm shirt on, and I was ready to go that afternoon.

But there was only one problem: I didn’t get to see the shit.

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DANJ! Presents Winter Six: 1999 (Makin’ Moves Y’all)


At the dead end of ’98, I moved back into Baltimore City, after spending about seven months out in the ‘burbs at my brother’s place. Within the first two weeks, I’d had a drunk pass out in front of my door and almost got caught in the crossfire of some nigga tryna shoot it out with the cops. Yeah, it was good to be back.

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DANJ! Presents Winter Six: 1998 (Year Of The Dog)


Aight, so as we near the end of the Winter Six series, we keep it movin’ with the year of 1998. Follow my lead on a jour-r-ney…

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DANJ! Presents Winter Six: 1997 (Rapper’s Delight)


Aight, so… I was in my senior year of high school, and the first few months of my year was some ol’ bullshit. I had a lil’ beef with this kid, and for whatever reason, my teachers acted like I was some kinda bully tormentin’ the nigga. On five different occasions between September and December, I was suspended, even havin’ to stay home for two weeks straight at one point. They’d gotten their hands on a tape I made and interpreted the lyrics to be some type of threat on the dude’s life, when it really wasn’t that serious. If I told y’all the extent to which this shit went, you’d be amazed that some people who work for a school could be so dumb.

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DANJ! Presents Winter Six: 1996 (Shoop, Shoop)


Hope y’all have been enjoying Love Week here on DLT90s thus far. And since it is Love Week and Valentine’s Day just passed us by… lemme tell y’all about some ol’ bullshit I did back in February ’96.

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