She Ain’t SWV


Yup… SWV‘s on the comeback trail. While the jury’s still out on how things will turn out, they’re officially steppin’ out there on this new remix of Chris Brown‘s “She Ain’t You”.  On some real shit, “She Ain’t You” has been one of my faves of this year so far, probably a no-brainer since it’s essentially a combo of MJ‘s “Human Nature” and SWV’s “Right Here” remix. Here, the Sisters With Voices come through with their side of the story, sounding like they haven’t lost a step since their early-mid ’90s heyday. Ain’t mad at it!

Chris Brown feat. SWV “She Ain’t You” (Remix) 



The Vibrant Ideal Reality of ‘Dark Twisted Fantasy’


I might be a lil’ biased here. I’ve been fukkin’ with Kanye West as an artist (or as Kid Cudi would say, “musically”) since the I’m Good mixtape. When he was starting to break out with joints like “Through The Wire” and people were sayin’ he couldn’t rap, I was rockin’ with him. I’ve been readin’ articles on him and his work far back enough to know his seemingly “inflated” ego has actually always been inflated, before there was even a release date on his first album. Of course, none of this makes me special, or has any bearing on what this new album of his sounds like, but it’s safe to say ‘Ye is one of my favorite artists of the last 10 years.

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10 Things I Liked About The 2010 BET Awards


Aight, so… a year ago, I dissed BET for puttin’ on a half-assed show that was advertised as “a tribute to Michael Jackson“. I’ve prob’ly referred to BET in a shitty light a number of times on other occasions too. But as much as I dis them for their wack shows and their overall lack of givin’-a-shit, I can also admit that they came correct this year. I wasn’t gonna watch the BET Awards, because I usually don’t, but Twitter fukked around and pulled me in. I figured “ay, what the hell- at least if it sucks, me and my Twitter fam will provide quality jokes and observations”. Lo and behold, these niggas put on the best one I’ve seen since ’03. Well I’ll be damned.

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Da Dirty 30: 2000s


Annnd So… after Eminem‘s controversy, Jeezy‘s Snowman shirts, Puffy’s trial (and name changes), Michael/Aaliyah/Jam Master Jay/ODB/Left Eye/Pimp C/Pun/EY’BODY’s death, the breakup of Roc-A-Fella, the fall-off/comeback/second fall-off of Mariah Carey, the disappearance and tragic-lookin’ reappearances of Lauryn Hill, Crunk, Hyphy, Snap, “Intimate Club Music” (blah), the rise of the Southern hip-hop, the decline of New York hip-hop, 9/11, a dumb president, a Black president…

G-Unit vs. Murder Inc., The Game‘s bipolarity, Keyshia Cole‘s fukked-up family, DMX‘s crackish ways, Tweet‘s song about masturbation “self-love”, the all-around fuckery that was “My Neck My Back”, Nelly sliding credit cards down asscracks, that thong-tha-thong-thong-thong, Wayne‘s Carter series, Usher‘s Confessions, Rihanna getting “Chris Brown-ed” by Chris Brown, Da Band walking for cheesecake, the “Hip-Hop Is Dead” debate…

Throwback jerseys, button-ups, long-ass tees, tight-ass jeans, grillz, BET going to shit, Rick Ross getting exposed, Suge gettin’ knocked the fukk out, Cam’ron wearing pink, R. Kelly pissing on youngins, Alicia Keys wreckin’ homes, Jay-Z becoming a devil worshipper, Jay-Z “retiring”, Beyonce doing eyyy’thing, Mike Jones‘ phone number, Jadakiss’ asthma cough/laugh, Lil’ Jon‘s adlibs, Superhead‘s book, Tahiry‘s ass, Trina’s ass, Buffie’s ass, J.Lo’s ass, Lil’ Kim‘s ass bid, Shyne‘s bid, T.I.‘s bid, Freeway‘s beard, Ashanti‘s sideburns…

Autotune, iTunes, iPods, iPhones, 2-way pagers, ringtones, Being Bobby Brown, SMACK DVDs, BEEF DVDs, singers with names like Lumidee and T-Pain, rappers with names like Chingy and Webbie,  OutKast winning Grammys, Three 6 winning Oscars, Kanye crying over awards, every rapper in existence making mixtapes, rampant file sharing and downloading, Harlem Shakin’, leanin’ back, leanin’ wit’ it, rockin’ wit’ it, crankin’ dat Soulja Boy, jerkin’, and “ballllliiiinnnnnnnn’“…

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The 2000s Loved The ’90s!


Ah, yes… as I noted in my first “The 90s Loved The 80s” entry, there hasn’t been as much lifting of ’90s hits by the artists of this decade. Part of that, obviously, is due to how much those artists themselves were sampling from older music. But, there were a few quality remakes and whatnot that took place in the 2000s. Some of them were hot, like Carl Thomas & Faith Evans singing over The Firm‘s “Phone Tap. Others were eehhh, like Fabolous & Tamia recycling “So Into You. But here are five that stood out the most to me over the last ten years…

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“Get’cha Bling Like The Neptune Sound…”


“Yo, N-E-P, T-U-N, E-S/ The way they lace a beat’s like, one of the best” – Noreaga, “Super Thug” (1998)

There was a time earlier in the 2000s when I still liked listening to the radio and watching BET on the regular. The only time in recent memory that I’ve committed more than an hour to either was when Michael died. Prior to 2005, when “Laffy Taffy” and all of its spinoffs finally broke my threshold for pain, I was still regularly tuned in. A good half of that is due to music produced by The Neptunes.

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Through The Wire


With all the reality (and “celebreality”) shows, get-rich-quick game shows, and talented/untalented people trying to become overnight stars… I can’t really name a lot of things on TV that I was crazy about during this decade.

Let’s see: I liked the Making The Band episodes with “Da Band”. Cold Case became a late favorite, after I took forever to catch on to it. Chappelle’s Show is eternally classic. Two & A Half Men cracks me up. VH1 had some good shit before it got overrun with a gang of shows featuring people who all belonged together on The Surreal Life. For the most part, I was “blah” on TV, mostly because I couldn’t even find the shows I DID like without clickin’ thru a bunch of wack shit. But when I did find something that I wanted to tune in for every week, it was rewarding. Case in point: The Wire.

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