She Ain’t SWV


Yup… SWV‘s on the comeback trail. While the jury’s still out on how things will turn out, they’re officially steppin’ out there on this new remix of Chris Brown‘s “She Ain’t You”.  On some real shit, “She Ain’t You” has been one of my faves of this year so far, probably a no-brainer since it’s essentially a combo of MJ‘s “Human Nature” and SWV’s “Right Here” remix. Here, the Sisters With Voices come through with their side of the story, sounding like they haven’t lost a step since their early-mid ’90s heyday. Ain’t mad at it!

Chris Brown feat. SWV “She Ain’t You” (Remix) 



DANJ! Presents: One Hitta Quittas, Vol. 5

If I had to choose a favorite year of hip-hop and R&B from the ’90s, I’d have to go with 1996. It’s a year that was stacked with more good music than I even had time to listen to, and definitely more than I could afford to buy. Regardless of whether it was in heavy radio rotation or only heard on the late-night mixshows, I was listenin’ and lovin’ it all. There was the Bad Boy sound, the early days of the Timbaland sound, the beginning of “Neo-Soul“, a “commercial vs. underground” divide in hip-hop in which good music was coming from both sides of the fence, and of course that “East vs. West” thing back when both were still at the top of the rap game. Sure, there was also stuff like Coolio, but not much I could do about that.Still, amongst all the hitmaking that went on, there were some who were bound to only pull it off once. For every R. Kelly or Fugees, there would have to be a Crucial Conflict or Tony Rich. In that respect, I bring you the fifth installment of “One Hitta Quittas“, with four from ’96 that made it happen… if only for a few months.

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DANJ! Presents: 25 For Love, Pt. 3 (#5-1)


That’s the best shit. Making your girl happy man. Then after that, you know what it is! You gon’ go in there and you gon’ make love to her. But don’t make love to her without the MUSIC on! You gotta put that SLOW shit on and you fuck her reaaal slow.”- Ghostface Killah, via Twitter

I wish I could top that… but I ain’t even gonna put forth the effort. And so, with no further ado, and a shoutout to The Doors, we go from five to one right about… NOW:

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DANJ! Presents: 25 For Love, Pt. 2 (#15-6)


“I just zoned on how ill it is to really fall in love… Pimpin’ is whatev … Love is that shit!”Kanye West via Twitter

If I can be allowed to get on some butter-soft shit before I go into these here luh songs… I think at times that I’ve been more in love with love than anyone in particular. I like songs about it, movies about it, I even like happy couples when I see ’em at Wal-Mart n’shit. Even in having enough justification to hate the hell outta love, I still believe (shoutout to Brenda K. Starr). I wouldn’t say I’m a sucker for love, like them niggas who probably spent most of Monday posting bitter status updates on FaceBook. Still, a good song at the right time of year has been known to have me on Stupid Cupid mode. Case in point: the 10 I put up the other day, and now, these 10…

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DANJ! Presents: 25 For Love, Pt. 1 (#25-16)


I have a love/hate relationship with love songs. I’ve had times when I listened to them out of being in love or at least catchin’ some kinda feelings. Other times, I’ve listened to them while in “maaannn, fuck love” mode. There was a time when I was a kid who had no real grip on matters of the heart and all the highs and lows they entailed. Back then, I just liked the way they sounded. Nowadays, I feel the various emotions of those songs- whether they be about infatuation, bitterness, appreciation, or heartbreak. This week, I drop 25 in particular that I’ve loved for years and continue to. Here we go…

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The ’90s Loved Rick James


Welcome to February on DLT90s, where I’ll be remembering an album you mighta heard of called All Eyez On Me , speakin’ on the great DJ Premier, and for Valentine’s week, dropping my 25 Favorite Love Songs of All Time. And speaking of all-time, today would have been the 63rd birthday of one of the baddest muthafukkas of all-time… one of the best-singin’, best-lookin’ muthafukkas you ever seen… hold my drink, bitch.

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AllTime8: G.T.D.


Yeah, you know it… today’s entry is all about those songs that used to come on the radio, and you might get smacked in the mouth for singin’. Either that, or you’d get asked about a certain part in the song and what you know about it, and you’d have to act like you didn’t know shit. Or maybe that was just me.

Today’s AllTime8 is all about eight great “GTD” anthems from the ’90s. Music to hump by, if you will. It’s kinda funny to see people from my generation comment on new music and say “it’s all about sex now, back then they sang about love”… I don’t know what ’90s them niggas grew up in, but the one I grew up in was where they started getting a whole lot more blatant wit’ it. But hey, that’s neither here nor there- here are my eight personal favorite ’90s joints dedicated to Gettin’ The Draws:

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